George Gelfer 

George Gelfer


CPG Global Executive/General Mgr/VP of Sales/Executive Coach
Chris develops an empowering Coaching relationship by exploring alternate perspectives, creating avenues for growth both personally and professionally. She is always focused on the client's needs and goals creating a sound framework for development and fulfillment. Through powerful questioning and deep listening skills, Chris is truly able to see the real opportunity behind the challenge. One of her greatest strengths is her intuition, which always causes one to reflect, in addition to pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Chris is skilled at Coaching the whole person. She creates an environment where one can take risks that lead to meaningful life changes or career breakthroughs. Chris is highly skilled in the Energy Leadership model providing a comprehensive assessment that builds self-awareness. Through this process, it is evident that Chris utilizes the latest tools and methodologies that can drive meaningful behavioral change. By working with Chris, you can create an accelerated path forward that is practical and inspirational but more importantly obtainable. She is highly creative and will share meaningful stories or provide concepts that foster personal reflection. She is nonjudgemental but will always inquire how does this situation, decision, or opportunity you are assessing, “truly serve you and your life vision.”

Like any profession, the field of Executive and Life Coaching is crowded with many options. If you truly want to drive meaningful change, growth, and create a balanced life, then I would connect with Chris. 
March 1, 2018, George was Christine's Client
  Jon Paul       Jon Paul

 Consultant / CFO – Helping Entrepreneurs Launch, Become Profitable, Navigate Growth, Lead Industries, Exit Successfully, Venture Catalyst, Author, Speaker, Catalyst, Boards

Christine did a terrific job presenting to the FEI (Financial Executives International) monthly career management group on Mastering Your Mindset. Her presentation is good, I am having her speak to our monthly HBS (Harvard Business School) alumni group.

In particular, I liked how she covered various levels of energy in ways I never thought of. She showed how unconsciously we can be operating at a lower level of energy than we realize and how to move your energy up to a higher more productive level through taking charge of your mindset. It's worthwhile to see where you fit on the energy spectrum- you may be at a low level- and see what people at higher levels of energy do differently.

July 15, 2015, Jon was Christine's client

                 Shannon Bednowicz
Founder & Owner at Whole Self Nourish, Chicago Chapter Director of Over 40 Females (an organization of nationwide chapters from creator of MORE Magazine)

As the Chapter Director for Over 40 Females, a nationally acclaimed live and online women’s networking community, I am always looking for quality speakers to deliver dynamic topics on both personal and professional development. I recently brought in Christine to deliver her presentation, "Inspire you Now! How to Find Your Calling and Become Unstoppable!" for the Chicago Chapter.

In addition to being an absolute professional and joy to work with, Christine went out of her way to mingle with the group and get to know some of the members before she even began her presentation.
Her presentation absolutely hooked me and I scheduled a consultation with her.

We were talking through some blocks and resistance I've been experiencing and the frustration I am experiencing as a result.

Christine did a remarkable job at helping me see that it wasn't simply a matter of a lack of confidence, but more my perception of my skill and my significance that was holding me back. As she helped me look back at some things I've done previously, I realize I have more skill in this area than I give myself credit for. She also shared with me how she viewed me and the natural gifts I bring to the table which she sees as large contributors to why my organization has become the dynamic organization that it has.

In less than an hour, Christine helped me get clarity and break through these strong inner thought patterns that have been holding me back. I had been actively working on these issues on my own for almost a year!

As we closed the call, not only did I feel more confidant, but totally juiced and jazzed to step into a bigger vision of myself than I had been willing to embrace.

February 19, 2015, Shannon was Christine's client

      Michael Sobelman             Michael Sobelman
Home Health & Hospice Executive

I have know Christine Suva for 15 years (since 1999), and I can unconditionally recommend Christine's services to any company or individual needing to use her outplacement counseling, career development, and/or professional life coaching skills. Christine is also an author, speaker, and she is well versed in health and wellness.

I first used Christine's outplacement counseling skills at First Transitions in 2001 when I was downsized from my healthcare management position in Chicago. Chris helped me during this difficult time to revamp my resume, and she guided me through a targeted, successful job search.

In 2010, Chris formed her own company, THRIVE Coach Services, Inc., putting all of her superior skills to work again for companies and individuals alike.

Once again, I recently used Chris in 2014 to touch up my resume and update my LinkedIn Profile along with some life coaching skills.

Chris has helped me immensely over the years, and I know she can help you or your company as well.

Michael L. Sobelman, Home Health & Hospice Executive

December 8, 2014, Michael was Christine's client
Kathy Simpson

As a licensed psychotherapist, this was my first experience working with a professional coach.  Christine Suva is the sort of coach you are looking for when you need to redefine yourself and you’re not sure which path to take. She makes a great first impression with kindness and empathy. Then, as you work with Chris, you appreciate her depth of knowledge and grasp of your situation as an individual.  The Energy Leadership framework she uses in her coaching is very effective.

My husband, Dave and I both worked with her individually for career coaching and we also worked with her for couple's coaching to improve our communication.  Having her help us navigate this time of transition really helped us manage the stress and support each other more effectively. Chris has a deep understanding of both sides of career transition from the perspective of one who has lost a position and as a spouse which gives her a unique ability to understand the dynamics. She was skilled at interpreting our results and translating them into action steps so that my partner and I could change our interactions for the better. Identifying negative spirals, like repeating the same argument over and over, is a common relationship pitfall. Chris can help any motivated couple learn a better way to interact.

In career coaching she helped me consider all of my talents and experiences. I believe that her natural interpersonal sensitivity helped me realize some of my passions to pursue as I reinvented my career and took on a job search.  She is skilled at both the strategic aspects of career search and the internal mindset needed for success. 

I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone at a crossroads in life! Chris will help you navigate through.

April 10, 2018, Kathy and her husband were clients of Christine's.


Lillian Bjorseth Lillian D. Bjorseth 

Networking and Communication Skills Speaker, Author, Creator and Producer Maximize Your Career – Business Tools for Women Over 50 Conference, DiSC Savvy

Christine did a superb job of connecting with the audience at my “Maximize Your Career – Business Tools for Women over 50” Aug. 28 conference. Several people shared she was their favorite presenter and that they wanted to work with her individually through her coaching practice. That’s quite a compliment, Christine!
Kristin Leonard Pearson Kristin Leonard Pearson

Marketing, Strategy and Organizational Development Executive - Leading Organizations to Optional Structure and Growth

(Kristin was Christine's client)

"In need of a positive energy boost? You’ll find it if you have the opportunity to listen to Chris Suva speak. I had the pleasure of meeting Chris when she delivered “Master Your Mindset for Successful Career Transition” at a NSENG meeting. The presentation was inspiring and thought-provoking, going beyond the basics of career planning and job search to address the importance of underlying mindset in building not only a successful career, but a rewarding life. As a speaker, Chris is articulate and polished; it’s clear that she knows her stuff. Beyond that, though, it is her ability to be both professional and real at the same time that makes her really stand out. She shares compelling stories, both personal and from her coaching experience, that help others know that she understands where they are coming from. Her fresh approach is both inspiring and empowering. I took her up on the offer for a strategy session after the presentation, and just loved the result! If you have the chance to listen to her speak, grab it!"



Franchise Executive. Franchise Development / Sales / Marketing / Support / Trade Show 

(Mike was Christine's client) 

"I have had the pleasure of working with Christine, and can say with heart-felt conviction that she is to the coaching world the best of what is available. Her motivational speeches are inspiring and practical. Her phone consulting and ideas for enrichment have been very helpful to me. I strongly recommend Christine to any business or individual who is looking to enhance their current situation.”


Joyce Young Joyce Young 

Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Viskase Companies, Inc. | Information Technology Leader | Program Manager (PMO), IT Consultant

(Joyce was Christine's client)

"I hired Christine as a coach to assist me in "deciding what to do next" in my job transition. Christine is excellent at identifying strengths and passions and I feel like after all of my work experiences, (and also thinking that I knew what was best for me) I was surprised to learn new areas of focus. I would recommend Christine to anyone looking for a coach."


H. Thomas Bouraoui H. Thomas Bouraoui

Director, Quality at Tekni-Plex, Inc. | CI | Quality | Business Process Improvement

(Thomas was Christine's Client)

"When Christine addressed a group of senior executives undergoing job transitions, she went far beyond skills and competencies to concentrate on meaning, authenticity, and purpose. Rather than dwelling in the noise of personal circumstances, each individual was encouraged to identify those elements that create flow, that serve a higher purpose, that align with their value system, where one’s work self can be reflective of one’s whole self. Afterwards, Christine helped me refine and declare my areas of commitment. This will help me deploy my abilities in service of something larger than myself. Christine’s approach goes beyond traditional coaching to encompass mindset, passion, vision and purpose as people reconsider their legacy."


Dan Kremzar Dan Kremzar

Sales Manager at Medical Safety Solutions, formerly Project Manager at Cardinal Health

 (Dan was Christine's client)

"After Christine addressed our Career Renewal group at Holy Cross church in Deerfield, Illinois I elected to accept her offer to use her Thrive Coaching service. We met at a coffee shop in Downers Grove to map out my next career path at age 63. (my age, not hers) Not yet ready to fully retire but not wanting to enter back in to the job market full time, Christine was a valuable resource to me in mapping out my options for the future. I plan to use Christine in the future and highly recommend my companions to do the same. Christine has a wealth of information and a down to earth approach on finding true satisfaction and fulfillment regarding the process of Career Search and Career Coaching." 


Lloyd O'Brien Lloyd O'Brien
Senior Information Technology Executive | Advisor for Not-for-Profit Operations and Finance | Consultant

 (Lloyd was Christine's client)

"Christine Suva, Thrive Coach Services, led an inspiring discussion and presentation at Career Renewal, a not-for-profit organization in Deerfield, IL, that assist people searching for new positions. Christine’s presentation was directed at teaching people how to clear away obstacles that will hinder and constrain them as they seek out meaningful new positions that will bring challenge and personal satisfaction. Her practical, common-sense, uplifting approach to preparing oneself for successful career development stimulated a lively and very useful, helpful discussion.

Survey Ratings for the presentation/discussion were consistently in the high end of excellent with 100% of participants wanting Christine to do additional presentations to assist them in their personal/professional development.

Christine is a pleasure to work with and brings many excellent ideas to help build out very successful personnel development programs. I highly recommend her for corporate and organizational personnel growth-oriented presentations and workshops as well as one on one personal development.

Career Renewal is a not-for-profit, 25 year old organization, that assists people in transition by teaming an experienced advisor with the person in transition and also, by providing uplifting, helpful, topical presentations by Subject Matter Experts in the Career Transition field."


Mary Speiser Mary Speiser

Senior Consultant, First Transitions, Inc.

(Mary worked directly with Christine at First Transitions, Inc., Oak Brook, IL - An Outplacement Consulting Firm) 

"Chris Suva has an extraordinary ability to relate to people. She is a unique individual with substantial knowledge coupled with her high level of engagement, support and encouragement she provides to her clients where appropriate.

Her effectiveness is particularly significant because of the reputation she developed as a smart, empathetic, and enthusiastic presenter. People trust Chris, and as a result she elicits a high level of respect and confidence in the people with whom she has contact, making her interactions consistently effective." 


 Kathleen Kuffner, RN

Senior Consultant, First Transitions, Inc.

(Kathleen Worked Directly With Christine at First Transitions, Inc. - An Outplacement Consulting Firm)

 "Chris is an individual who possesses many talents, but those that are outstanding are in her presentation skills. She has the ability to connect with her audience in ways that many others are not able to do.  She does this through her sincerity and warmth that invites others to engage. They get "on board" and listen carefully to her message. 

Working with groups, large or small, is what Chris loves to do. She speaks with confidence, clearly and with passion. Her knowledge of the subject matter is based upon years of academic preparation, observation and experience. Chris's delivery is direct, engaging and enjoyable. 

I would most certainly recommend to anyone to speak with Chris and hear how her love of people and passion for her work come through." 


Kathleen Phillips Kathleen Phillips
KMP Coaching and Consulting, (formerly Senior Consultant, Executive Coach, First Transitions, Inc.)

(Kathleen worked directly with Christine at First Transitions, Inc., Oak Brook, IL - An Outplacement Consulting Firm)

"Christine is a dedicated professional who strives to provide thorough and comprehensive guidance to clients who are in job transitions. Her energy, attitude, and bright smile are ingredients for creating a positive job search environment."
 Linda Loewer  Linda Hill (formerly Loewer)
Biofeedback and Anti-Aging Expert
March 16, 2016, Linda was Christine's client.
I've been working with Chris for a few month's and she is absolutely spectacular and helping you to see where you currently operate energetically and how you could be operating more effectively if you were in your natural mode of operation and energy. She has shown me that unless you keep tabs on how the trauma and drama in your life influences you, things can turn out much different than you desire. Life Coaching is a must for anyone that desires to constantly improve in all areas of life.
Roxana Atristain MBA Bilingual Global Supply Chain Expert Roxana Artistain, MBA
Global Supply Chain Expert, US Foods
(Roxana was Christine's Client)
I took part in a talk that Christine gave titled "Master Your Mindset for Successful Career Transition" She is a great speaker who is passionate about helping others get to the next level in their career transition or whatever stage they are in their life. In hearing and speaking one on one with her not only was I able to take away from her session but I came out with a different perspective. Thank You. I highly recommend Christine.


Carol Held
Sales Executive

(Carol was a Career Transition Client)

 "When I first met Christine I was a stay at home mom for 10 years looking to get back into the work force but had no idea how.  I called Chris up and told her I didn’t know where to begin.  I didn’t know what to do!  What could I possibly be good at after being out of the work force for 10 years.  Christine right away sat down with me and in that first meeting made me feel that I had something to offer a company.  That I was worthy of a great position.  As I continued to work with Chris I took some tests and it helped me to identify what I would be good at, but more importantly what would make me happy.  It was not always an easy process, I had to dig down deep, but Chris always made me feel good about myself and helped me through the difficulties of my job search.

After working with Chris I felt like I could take on the world.  I had a lot to offer a company and I should get compensated for it.  I also came to realize that a sales job, would be a good job for me to do, because of the tests and my personality.  Chris helped me so much mentally get through a very stressful time in my life.  I am so happy I contacted her, and feel blessed that I was able to work with her.  We still continue our relationship to this day, and she still gives me support and confidence when I am at my lowest. 

I would recommend Chris to anyone looking to make a change in their life.  She will help you and walk you though it step by step.  I don’t know what I would have done had it not been for Chris.  I now have a successful job as a Sales Executive and I am very happy.  One of the reasons I got the job was because of my energy.   I don’t think that would have happened without her."


Nancy H.
(Nancy was a Career Transition Client)

"Christine offered her services as a speaker at a local networking event in June 2014. During this session, she provided guidance on how to change your mindset during a career transition. Her positive advice and energy gave me the courage to move forward with my vision. I would highly recommend working with Chris especially if you are in need of making a change and can't seem to do it on your own. Chris is such an inspiration and I am confident that she will continue to spread her wisdom and good nature."


Lisa Gramarossa Lisa Grammarosa

Specialty Analytics and Report Specialist, Managed Markets at Takeda

I'm currently seeking a full-time job, and Christine spoke at a career meeting I recently attended. Her presentation was titled "Master your Mindset for Successful Career Transition". Everything she spoke about really struck a chord with me, and I didn't hesitate to sign up for a 30 minute strategy session. 

A couple weeks later, I spoke with Christine over the phone, and the thoughts and advice she provided were invaluable. She not only helped me to develop "my story" for when I'm interviewing, but also helped me realize my value and what I have to offer. 

She was more than happy to help answer questions I had about my resume and how best to address particular topics during interviews. She really provided with me some wonderful tools and tips that I will continue to carry with me during my current job search and into the future. We ended up speaking for over an hour, and after our conversation, instead of dreading my next interview, I was looking forward to it. I feel I'm much better equipped to go into any interview with confidence and a positive mindset.

April 9, 2017, April was Christine's Client.



Nuclear Medicine Technologist, PACS, Meditech EMR Trainer, Positive Employee Relation, Music Performance Extraordinaire, Overshadowed Theatrical Productions

(Mark was Christine's Client)

I'm a job seeker and facilitator leader for the St. Hubert's Job Ministry and accountability group. I found Christine's talk on "Mastermind Your Mindset for Successful Career Transition." both refreshing and eye-opening for me. She goes beyond tactical to embrace life's purpose, legacy, mindset and is very comfortable taking a spiritual approach with individuals and organizations that are looking for that. How we think and perceive of ourselves will affect our job search, relationships with others etc. She spoke from her heart and has a passion to help others discover their full potential in life. I encourage anyone to contact her, and she will provide a service that will make you feel you accomplish something worth while.


 Garry Young, Rancher
(Garry was a Career Transition Client)

"Christine assisted me in gaining employment after my previous employer down sized. I had been away from the interview process for many years and her expertise was crucial to me going on successful interviews which resulted in offers. I would highly recommend her as a career coach with a proven record of success."
















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Christine Suva
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