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August 2017


Master Your Mindset for Success!

By Christine Suva

I awoke feeling a surge of energy flowing through me. Flooded with profound ideas, I sat at

the computer to capture them. I didn’t try to control it and let the ideas come. It was as if—after

years of immersing myself in personal and professional development, throughout my education

and career—something had cracked open deep inside. Everything began to crystallize in my

mind. I relaxed into it, trusting there was a reason this was happening. Feeling called to get

certified as a professional coach, start my business and become an author were things I’d never

imagined. When the time came, mentors and opportunities showed up. I trusted I’d jump and be

taught to fly!

Looking back on starting my business, I could never have imagined what was to come on this journey.

Knowing how much my mindset would need to shift, I might not have had the courage to try. The

enormous growth happened organically through experience. Along the way I’ve stumbled, fallen, stalled

out, and been utterly overwhelmed. I’ve felt confused, frustrated, and scared, and spent thousands

of dollars and hours on training, coaching, and mentoring.

Entrepreneurship is a mind-blowing, mind-expanding, boundary-obliterating experience— and not for

the weak of heart. I’ve had moments of clarity and utter confusion. With profound faith there’s a

reason I’m on this path, I keep putting one foot in front of the other. The energy that pulled me into

it still pulls me forward today. I’ve learned to trust it. The discomfort of constant stretching beyond

my comfort zone has become like an old friend. I’ve come to realize there’s no other way to become an

entrepreneur. You have to get comfortable being uncomfortable.

I believe we each have a unique combination of gifts, strengths, expertise, and life experience the

world needs. Some have complete clarity on their purpose but have limiting beliefs that keep them

stuck. Others feel foggy. They yearn to make a positive impact but don’t know how. Some have

found great success in their careers, but through job loss or other challenges find their confidence

rattled making it difficult to move forward effectively. I’ve been there! I know the feeling of

excitement and anticipation of wanting to make a difference. It’s also often a mixed bag of fear,

frustration, and mistakes that can be costly in emotions, time, and money. Having been through

a job loss early on and reinventing myself over time and my spouse losing his job in the recession;

I know both sides of that coin. My approach to transition and reinvention is both external and internal.

Finding my core message as a speaker was a game changer. My mother’s life story became the

crystallization of my message. It’s at the core of my “WHY”! Sharing it has attracted ideal clients and

opportunities. Whether speaking to a group of CFOs, Harvard Business Grads, CEOs, entrepreneurs,

coaches, speakers, authors, career transition groups, professional women’s conferences and retreats,

or business leaders and professionals, I empower people to discover their purpose and build the

confidence and courage to create their legacy around it in alignment with their values and priorities!

My centering prayer ritual:

“There may be someone in this audience that

desperately needs to hear what I have to say.

Let me share my message directly with them

and touch them where they need it most.

Let me be a source of light, hope, faith,

and belief in themselves and what’s

possible in their lives.”

Illinois, USA

July 2017

"Letters to My Younger Self"

By Christine Suva

Dear Little Me,

I know you wonder if you’ll meet new friends in your new home.

As daddy is moved to

different churches as pastor, you’ll move many times. Don’t worry, sweetheart. You’ll be just fine.

In time, you’ll realize that home is where your family is more than a place. You’ll be amazed at

how these early experiences successfully adapting to change will strengthen your resilience,

confidence and build courage to embrace it in life. With each small step out of your comfort zone,

you’re developing skills that will take you to places you can’t even imagine today. As you learn to

make new friends, you’ll outgrow being shy!


Dear Adolescent/Young Adult Me,

Now that you’ve not moved during junior and senior high, you’ve finally come out of your shell.

You have a solid group of friends and your confidence is building. Don’t worry so much about what

other kids think or say. I know you just want to be a “normal” kid and not be singled out for

being a preacher’s kid (PK). One day, you’ll realize that being “special” isn’t a bad thing. Standing

out in the crowd will allow you to accomplish great things, bring fulfillment and a deep sense of

meaning and purpose for you. Don’t be afraid to shine! Believe it or not, you’ll earn a good living by

being “seen” and “heard” for who you are! Your loving heart will both allow you to have meaningful

relationships and require you to learn to set boundaries. These will be painful, but necessary lessons.

They will make you stronger. Yet, you’ll need reminders not to let them make you hard or bitter.

These will leave “battle scars”, but the wisdom gained will set you on the path to finding the man whose

heart deserves yours.


Dear Adult Me,

Quiet your fears. You WILL meet and marry the man God has planned for you. Your core values

will be aligned and his family will be first in his life. He will be your friend, your love and your rock.

You WILL have children. These four miscarriages will be excruciating losses, but will also forever

strengthen your connection to your children. You will cherish them and when life’s challenges

inevitably occur, they will ground you in what’s most important. Trust that when they see

your imperfections, growth, and willingness to go after your dreams and work hard to attain them,

it allows them to do the same. When they see you fail, pick yourself up and keep going, it allows

them to accept failure as part of becoming successful. When you don’t just TELL them, but SHOW

them what it looks and feels like to create meaningful success, they will learn to believe in what’s

possible for their lives!


Dear Future Me,

I pray my efforts make a positive impact.

June 2017

"Discover Your Golden Thread"

By Christine Suva

“I don’t know who I am anymore.” I thought.

It was 1995 and my life had completely turned upside down in five days. Monday,

I’d ended a relationship headed toward marriage. Tuesday, my position was eliminated

in a merger. Wednesday, I’d planned to sign a lease and move Friday. Instead, I moved 1½

hour away, back in with my parents to a community where I knew no one. And so began

the darkest time in my life. At 28, I was completely starting over with no idea where to begin.

I felt lost and broken. I wasn’t terribly upset about the job. Although it had been within my

sense of purpose, I’d grown frustrated at the lack of commitment to move forward with

what they’d hired me for. I’d worked long hours and lost my passion, but didn’t see myself as

a quitter. I believe when we don’t listen to our intuition that’s saying it’s time for a change,

God and the universe will take care of it for us. Clearly, I’d been on the wrong path. When

I lost my job, I felt an odd sense of relief and sadness. My recommendations to administration

were correct, but they were five years out on the strategic plan. I was asked to consider

taking my work system-wide to all eight hospitals, but I knew it would be a recipe for even

more frustration. Instead, I did outplacement to figure out what was next.

My biggest anguish came from the guilt I felt breaking off my relationship. It was absolutely

the right decision for me, but I struggled with declining his constant calls out of guilt over

hurting him which drug me through the mud of emotions and made it hard to heal. He had

a Jekyll and Hyde personality and my intuition knew I needed to get out. It took every tool a

nd strategy I’d used as a wellness professional to completely reinvent my life and career.

In the process, I rediscovered my golden thread, my deeper purpose. To find it, I went over

every job, hobby, and success I’d had. I unpacked my stories and looked for the skills, roles

and how I’d built my expertise over time. As I reconnected to my sense of passion and purpose,

my golden thread revealed itself. It was woven through the tapestry of my life! Finding it again

grounded me and my heart, soul, and mind opened up to find hope for my future. My life was

a blank canvas and I had the paint brush!

And so began my new beginning.


I’m so grateful my life fell apart back then. I wouldn’t be where I am if it hadn’t. Helping clients

find their golden thread is one of my favorite things to do! It’s invaluable for branding, career transition

and reinvention. What’s your golden thread?

April 2017

"Make Time for What Matters Most"

By Christine Suva

Has my life mattered? Four words that haunt some and reassure others. At the end of our lives, it

won’t matter how many shoes we had, what kind of car we drove, our home’s square footage, or

how many Likes we got. Instead, the questions will be bigger. . .deeper. Have I said all I wanted to

say to my loved ones? Did I make the world a better place? Did I follow my dreams? Did I make

someone’s life better? Did I love others enough? Did I enjoy my life? These are the questions that

will be on our hearts and minds. Studies of those working in hospice have shown that patients most

upset at the end of their lives are those with regrets – a dream not followed, an “I’m sorry” not spoken,

a chance not taken.

How often do we go through the day unconsciously not fully present in what we’re doing, for our loved

ones or ourselves? We miss out on moments that, in the end, are what make life meaningful! Life today

is filled with distractions and pressure to be connected 24/7. How do we stay in touch with what really

matters? Spending time in nature has enormous power to shift my perspective in stressful times. Growing

up, our family vacations were often spent in a 12 X 12 tent for several weeks each summer. At first, I admit,

I didn’t like camping. I have a massive fear of spiders! Having lived in the city, I also felt afraid to be out

in the woods at night with only a thin piece of canvas to protect us. Over time, I grew to love it! There’s

something grounding about sleeping in the fresh air so close to the earth. Gazing at the night sky filled with

stars and the sound of rustling leaves lulling us to sleep took us back to simpler times. Times when families

spent time talking and playing together rather than sitting in simultaneous screen time so common today.

There’s a different rhythm of life in nature. Our senses were renewed as the noise of life became still,

quiet and serene. We savored a break from hectic schedules, deadlines and constant connectivity. Waking

up to the smell of coffee and bacon being cooked in the crisp morning air, and the sunrise coming over the

side of the mountain recharges the senses and the soul! We replenished our energy and built deeper connection

to ourselves, our beautiful world and each other. Some of my most precious memories today involve campfire

conversations and laughing ourselves to sleep under the stars. As a skunk wandered through our camp site,

we quietly held our breath lying still together in our home amid the trees!

Moments make up the tapestry of your life. Make time for the things that matter most.


March 2017

"What Do You Really Want?"

By Christine Suva

What do you really want? I have been continually amazed at how many people have a hard time

answering that question. For most, their answers boil down to “I want to be happy.” What does

that look like specifically for you? Where did your ideas about what’s required to be happy come

from? Society puts expectations on us about what we “should” want, do or be. Many of us just

accept those expectations as part of growing up without ever stopping to question whether they’re

right for us. Our beliefs about what’s possible are shaped along the way by our environment and

life experiences. When we learn to question our beliefs, freedom of choice becomes possible!

It’s no secret that there are millions of people who are running their lives on autopilot. They’ve

stepped on to the conveyor belt earning the expected college degree, taking the expected job,

getting married, having children, working toward the big promotion, pay check, house and fancy

car and living life in the expected way. Then, some wake up years down the road feeling numb

wondering “Is this all there is? I did everything I was supposed to do, but why do I feel empty?”

From the outside, everything looks perfect. Yet, there’s a nagging feeling that they’re not living

the life they were born to live. Even with great success, they wonder “What does it all really mean?

Does it even matter?” I hear this all the time as a coach. People often come to me because they’ve

had the realization that they want something more in their lives despite outward success. That

realization typically comes amid some life transition such as losing a job, losing a relationship, an

empty nest, a health crisis or the loss of a loved one. More often it comes years into their career as

they feel a sense of urgency to find more meaning in their future. They’ve begun to ask themselves

about the legacy they will one day leave behind and whether the path they’re on will leave them feeling

fulfilled or full of regrets when that time comes. Through my own life transitions, I’ve learned to

periodically check in with myself to make sure the path I’m on is the one that will allow me to make

my highest contribution in the world. To live a life of meaning and purpose, you first have to know

yourself well. What are your passions, values, priorities, skills and natural gifts? What stage of life are

you in? What is your expertise and when were those times in your life you felt most fulfilled, experienced

peak performance or enjoyed yourself so much you lost track of time? What were you doing and with whom?

A major aspect of my sense of purpose is to expand people’s minds about what’s possible for them in 

their lives. By drawing out their natural gifts, skills, expertise, values and priorities; I help individuals sort

out what's next.


February 2017

"Seeking Grace in Life’s Challenges"

By Christine Suva

When life tests our will and capacity to cope, we have an opportunity to build muscles we didn’t

know we had. Like many of you, I’ve faced times that seemed insurmountable: bad relationships,

job loss, financial loss, health crisis for myself and loved ones, caregiving, multiple miscarriages and

natural disasters. I once had almost every area of my life fall apart in five days! Looking back at those

experiences, I can now see the hidden blessings and incredible growth. When times are good, it’s

common to think it will always be that way. Then, often without notice, life throws us a curveball and

the ground beneath our feet gives way. It’s in those times that we find out what we’re really made of.

Those challenges solidified my understanding of the value of the many tools I’d taught others as a wellness

professional by turning them on myself. There is a deeper need for self-care when you’re going through

devastating experiences. Learning to say “yes” to yourself when you need nurturing is imperative to helping

you cope and move forward. All of us face loss, disappointments, frustrations and fear. They escape no one.

Change is part of life. So, how do we find our center in the midst of life’s challenges?

During some of those “dark nights of the soul” in my own life, I experienced depression from the gravity of my

circumstances. It took a willingness to sit with my sadness and fears letting them flow through me in order to

rid myself of them. If I had tried to deny them, they would have persisted. Grief has stages that we must

pass through in order to heal. At times, I was coping day to day, others minute to minute. Learning to trust

the process of healing took patience and a willingness to walk through the darkness when I couldn’t see the

path ahead. Trusting that God had a plan for my life even if I couldn’t understand why things were happening

at the time. It took taming fear and surrendering. To help myself cope, I took every opportunity to center myself

so that I could hear past the noise of circumstances and tune in to my inner wisdom. For me, that meant: daily

exercise, eating well, praying, practicing relaxation techniques, journaling, reading inspirational books, watching

funny movies, short term therapy and spending time with loved ones and time in nature as much as possible.

We’re able to handle life’s challenges with more grace when we honor our own needs. Giving myself time to

grieve, nurturing myself, asking for help when needed and being patient with the process allowed

me to fill myself back up. It allowed me to rise from the depths of despair to embrace joy and feel passion

again. Grounded in faith, lifted by love, I found my way back to wholeness and realized I’m far stronger

and more resilient than I ever imagined!


January 2017

"Keys to Make Your Impact!"

By Christine Suva

Master Your Mindset –– Do you feel something stirring deep within that feels so big it scares you?

Perhaps you feel an undeniable calling to step into a bigger version of yourself and yet you find

yourself retreating. You get right to the edge of jumping off the cliff and spreading your wings and

suddenly you step back and tell yourself “I’m not ready. I still have more to learn. I don’t have it

down perfectly yet.” Been there, done that! Fear is a powerful force that can propel you forward into

massive action, cause you to spin your wheels or completely stop you in your tracks. Our thoughts

and beliefs about our self, others and the world makes a difference in what we attract into our

lives. It is often THE very thing that stands between where a person is and where they want to go.

After over 20 years as a wellness professional, outplacement consultant and in my life and career

coaching business; I help clients master their mindset for transformation!


Your Story Matters –– One of the greatest things you can do for success is to learn to tell your story.

Whether preparing for a job interview, as a speaker, to attract ideal clients or an ideal relationship –

how you communicate matters! The fact is, you can have all of the “right” credentials and yet have

difficulty attracting the opportunities you want into your life. Credentials don’t guarantee people will

want to engage with you. They may have respect for you, but not be moved to engage. You need to be

relatable, authentic and sincere in your delivery to engage people. Maybe you’re thinking, “I don’t like

to talk about myself.”, “I’m not credible if I don’t have the perfect life.”, “I don’t know how to tell my

story.”  When you share how you’ve overcome challenges; people can relate to you and suddenly

overcoming theirs seems possible! Your power lies in your story!

Trust Your Journey –– I believe “everything happens for a reason”. In 1995, my life turned upside down

in five days. Monday, I ended a relationship headed toward marriage. Tuesday, my position was eliminated

and by Friday, I’d moved 1½ hour away back in with my parents to a new community. I’d lost my

relationship, job, home, social life and the future I’d planned which began the darkest time of my life.

In order to completely reinvent my life, I had to turn every strategy I’d used as a Wellness Professional on

myself. Gradually, I realized my life was a blank canvas and I had the brush! What an amazing opportunity!

One shift in my thinking and I went from feeling powerless, defeated, and depressed to empowered, excited

and filled with anticipation! It solidified my faith, hope and trust in my journey. I thank God every day that

my life fell apart back then. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it hadn’t. With action fueled by faith, hope and

trust; create an amazing life!