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From very early on, I've known that my purpose is to help others lead happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives!  Having that self knowledge has allowed me to be very conscious along the way about my decisions for my education, training, career and lifestyle.  I can’t tell you how enormously important it is to “know thyself” when it comes to creating a life you love!  If you don’t know who you are or what you want - it’s virtually impossible!  On the other hand, when you have that clarity around WHO you are, WHAT you want your life to be about, HOW you want to express yourself in the world and WHEN it’s time to reinvent yourself to better reflect where you are in life – the decisions become much EASIER and more FUN!

As Founder and President of THRIVE Coach Services, Inc., I am deeply committed to helping others find passion, purpose, and success in their lives!  As an International Best Selling Author, Speaker, iPEC Certified Professional Coach, and a Life & Career Expert; I have a talent for helping people reconnect to their core and discover what they want in their life and career.  Highly skilled at guiding individuals toward their goals, I am absolutely passionate about bringing out your very best!  I have over 20 years experience guiding thousands across the country to achieve career and personal goals as an Outplacement Consultant and Wellness Professional.  Expert certified in state-of-the-art assessment tools; I help you identify your:  strengths, interests, skills, values, talents, gifts, leadership style and preferences in order to create a vision unique to you!  This vision allows you to get to the center of change so you can tap into the true potential of who you really are and take action to move forward.  The corner stone assessment tool I use is an Energy Assessment that allows you to hold a mirror to your beliefs, perceptions, interpretations and resulting action or lack thereof in order to identify areas that hold you back from success. 

I offer customizable group and one-on-one coaching, motivational speaking, training and consulting.  I have a talent for getting to the core of who you are, what you want, what holds you back, and provide tools and strategies for success!  After years of experience, I realize that many times the #1 obstacle that gets people stuck is their mindset.  That fact inspired me to create my popular mindset mastery series including "Master Your Mindset for Successful Career Transition" and "Master Your Mindset and Lead  Yourself and Your Team to Success!" and my  "Inspire You Now! How to Find Your Calling and Become Unstoppable!".  These powerful workshops invite attendees to think Bigger about WHO they are and what they do.   I also provide One or Two Full Day Outplacement Training.  See my "Speaking" page for more information. 

I firmly believe that it is NEVER too late to go after your dreams!  And that you deserve to be happy, healthy and fulfilled!  And so, I offer my heart, my expertise and my commitment to coach you toward your potential and success! 

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Christine was interviewed by Mark Sumpter of the iTunes Podcast:  "Renegade Success Coach"  you can listen in here:


Education & Training:

  • M.S., Wellness Management, Minors:  Counseling Psychology, Business Management, Ball State University
  • B.S.E., Secondary Health Education, Minor:  Biology Education, Illinois State University
  • B.S., Community Health Education, Illinois State University



Certifications and Designations:

  • Two-time International Amazon #1 Best Selling Author
  • Certified Professional Coach (CPC) in the Core Energy Coaching Process,
  • Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)
  • Energy Leadership Master Practitioner, ELI MP – Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)
  • Certified Practitioner of the Myers Briggs Personality Type Indicator (M.B.T.I.)
  • Certified Practitioner of the Strong Interest Inventory



  • International Coach Federation (I.C.F.)
  • Engaging Speakers
  • National Association for Professional Women (N.A.P.W.)
  • Powerful You Women’s Network



Master Practitioner - Energy Leadership Index            iPEC Certified Professional Coach               National Association of Professional Women





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Chris Suva

Christine Suva
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Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

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    In every moment, we each have an opportunity to choose new ways of thinking, feeling and being that support us and those around us... an opportunity to discover and embrace our unique strengths, gifts and talents and let go of the energy that holds us back from our full potential-to start fresh and create a life where we can THRIVE!  Carpe Diem!     
-- Christine Suva

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